Want to Join JLL? Check all the necessary details about JLL Interview Rounds to grab a job in JLL

Hola friends! I guess you have already read my previous post of JLL Interview rounds for data analyst profile. Check the further JLL Interview round in this blog. So, most of the time there will be one or two technical tests based on your skill set. You’ll be asked to note down the time required to complete the test.

JLL Interview Rounds

There are total three four to five interview rounds. By Interview rounds, here I mean personal interview test and not the technical pen paper tests. The first interview round is with the HR that may be a telephonic one or in person. If you will succeed, there will be some technical tests.

  1. The Third JLL Interview Round

The third JLL interview round will be most likely with a senior member of the company of head of that department. Since, most of the time the head of the department of JLL are outside doing some business stuff; you’ll be on a telephonic round with them.

2. JLL Interview Questions

The interviewer at each point you will meet are very supportive and give you the details about their company and their work culture. The Senior member of the company/interviewer will ask questions based on your skills and you daily job routine. Try to answer your questions in detail because they want to know each and everything like what kind of responsibilities you are currently holding for the company. Questions will be based on following things:

  1. Your daily job duties
  2. What values you have added for the company
  3. Why do you want to leave your current company
  4. What are the current tools that you use in your company
  5. Any improvement plans if you have suggested to your company
  6. Why JLL

At the end, she will ask if you have any questions for him/her. Always, prepare some questions about the job post you are going for or prepare some questions that can show you have real interest in their company and what to work for them.

JLL Interview Round question

The Fourth JLL Interview Round

Once you are done with the third JLL interview round in a good way, you will asked to attend the fourth JLL Interview round with a management/technical head of the company. So, brush up all the technical skills that you have mentioned in your resume. Do not forget to prepare some questions for them. The technical head can ask some tricky questions, give the reply in a confident manner and focus on providing solution to a particular problem rather than focusing on syntax of your programming code.

The Last JLL Interview Round – Discuss Salary 🙂

The last JLL interview round will be more focused on behavioral questions. Discuss salary wisely and grab the job my friend.

Advice: Always prepare some good interview questions for your interviewer.

JLL Interview round