PWC Interview Questions and Answers for Hadoop

Hola friends 🙂 I am back with another interview experience and this time for PWC. Check out this blog for all PWC interview questions and answers for Hadoop. PWC is a big 4 accounting firm and a very good company to work with. So, I met one of my friend this Sunday and he shared his PWC interview experience with me including all the PWC interview Question and Answers for Hadoop programmers.


PWC Interview Questions and Answers


PWC Interview Questions and Answers – Test Pattern

The PWC test paper for Hadoop contains multiple sections from Map-reduce program, Hadoop architecture, Unix scripting, SQL queries, Oozie and Sqoop. So, if you are preparing for a big 4 MNC read the following questions and get yourself ready if you are a Hadoop programmer.

Let’s analyze the PWC Interview Questions and Answers for Hadoop section wise:

  1. Hadoop Architecture:

You must be very much clear about the core concepts of Hadoop architecture to answer the question of this section. The questions will be based upon split count required while saving a file in HDFS against the provided maximum and minimum split size.

Also, this involves questions on the understanding of node manager like what if the name node fails. Also, you would be required to write the whole process when a client submits a request to Hadoop System.

2. Map-Reduce Programming Paradigm

This section contains questions like how many map and reduce tasks will this SQL query takes. Hence, check out such questions and increase your knowledge. There will be a programming questions too wherein you would be asked to write the code in any of the following language: Python/Java/Ruby.

Another question will be how Hadoop allocates Map tasks and reduce tasks.

3. SQL Query Questions

This section contains questions mainly on joins (inner join, outer join, left join etc.) like writing queries for the desired join and to tell the count of elements returned in the output.  Also, there will be questions where you will be asked to write a query to find out the nth highest or lowest salary of an employee from a given table.

4. Hive

This sections of PWC interview questions and answer set contains questions like how to write a command to send a task in background. Then, again to take that command in foreground and later on how to kill that particular task.

5. Unix Commands

This section will ask you questions like how to print the nth line of a csv file. Also, some commands like print the nth line where condition = “some value”.

6. Sqoop and Oozie

This sections covers questions on the basic understanding of commands needed to transfer data between RDBMS and Hadoop system and also on the inter cluster Hadoop transfer system.

Oozie section contains two questions – one on Oozie workflow configuration and second on the Fork and join parameter.

Hope this article will help future aspirants 🙂 Also, check my next article of Dunnhumby interview questions.

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