Struggles of a Teenager : How to deal with Teenage life

Amigo Friends… 🙂 Today I am writing something that I, you or all the other teenagers in the world have felt. Teenage is a phase that starts with all the fuzz and confusion.  Sometimes, you may feel the happiest girl of the world, or the saddest on the other. So, how to deal with teenage problems. I’ll tell you all this in this article… Naah.. a single article is too short to write it.. believe me :p

  1. Stay Calm and practice meditation

I know this is tough.. you must be feeling agitated and feel that you are old enough to understand what is right or wrong for you. And you’ll be constantly reminded of this thought by your parents that you are not. LOLSo, why not let this just go because this conversation is going to be never ending and you’ll loose temper. Better start practicing how to be calm. And, I would suggest just meditate 5 minute daily boys and girls and it will be all fine. Meditation does power to your self-esteem, makes you calm and self contented.

2. Explore Yourself : May be a new Hobby

Explore yourself, your liking, your interest area and you will be surprised at the findings. We human beings in this modern era are so mixed up with our mobile phones and social media platform that we fail to realize our own hidden talent. Exploring a new hobby/passion will boost your confidence and you may never know what future is keeping you for you with that new explored passion :p

3. Communicate with your parents

Teenage is a very confusing phase my friends.  There are lot of changes you are going through physically, mentally as well as behaviorally. Your thought process will change. The only key to avoid any confusion regarding your problems – physical changes or a new boyfriend/girlfriend aham..aham… is talk with your parents. Just talk talk and talk before jumping onto any conclusions.

We make some false assumptions or depend on the false claim of different cosmetic products and start using it without even knowing the consequences. So, before trusting other products trust somebody who loves you, care for you and always there for you

4.Start your teenage Journal

This is a super useful technique that makes your calm, lets you see your vision, realize your mistake or may even calm your anger. Start a teenage journal of yours, your feelings of every kind whatever you felt that day or the moment rather than acting wrong, just write it down. After few days, when you’ll read it again you may notice that this was not such a difficult task.

5. Be Mindful of your thoughts, feelings and actions

Exercise, meditate, be mindful of your thought process and actions. Check what you want to be in future. Because teenage is the phase when you take the most crucial decisions of your life. Plan accordingly, prepare well and then only you’ll succeed.

6. Make some good friends

Good friends are a gift provided by God to you. You’ll get plenty of people who will come and go. You’ll help them or they may at certain point of time and then hurt you and will disappear for forever. But there are some people who will appreciate your good things, they will stand by you in your bad times. They will stop you from doing any wrong thing. Your task is to find these good set of people who will inspire and encourage you for your goodwill. Hehe I know it’s tough but such is life bro… 😀

7. Take it easy, it’s all natural at the end

At the end, If you are still worried about the changes going in you, or saying I am not beautiful/Handsome… I’ll just say wait and this will all pass soon. Everyone is different and beautiful in its own way. You just need to invoke that good side of yours. Just sit, relax and say to yourself… I am not gonna afraid of you changes. You are temporary and will soon pass.

Lastly Exercise, Spread Love and Live Live Happily 🙂

User Defined Functions in SQL : Scalar, Inline Table-Valued, Multi Statement

Hola Friends! Today we will learn about various user defined functions present in SQL. So far, we have studied lots of system functions : IsDate, Rand(), round() etc. To gather more information about these system functions, please refer my post Mathematical functions in SQL and Date time functions in SQL.

SQL provides us a feature of programmability wherein it provides system functions as well as lets user create functions of three types:

  1. Scalar functions
  2. InLine Table Valued functions
  3. Multi Statement table valued functions

Each type of sql function is of different use and one should have a proper understanding of all these function types.

If you are new to SQL, please check SQL basics and SQL mathematical


Mathematical Functions in SQL: ABS, Round, Trunc, Power Function

Hi friends, If you are on this page and learning mathematical functions of SQL I believe you have visited my previous post Basics of SQL. If not, do it right now to enhance your knowledge.

There are various mathematical functions available in SQL. Some of these are given below:

  1. ABS

This mathematical function always returns a positive value.

e.g. Select ABS(-50) returns 50

2. Ceiling

This function gives the upper value of the input integer.

e.g. Select Ceiling(14.25) -> returns 15

Select (-14.25) -> returns -14

3. Floor

Floor is mathematical function which gives the nearest lowest value of the supplied input integer.

e.g. Select Floor(14.25) -> returns 14

Select Floor(-14.25) -> returns -15

4. Power

Power is mathematical function which takes integer input and returns the power of base number.

Syntax : Power(base number, power number)

e.g. Select power(3, 2) -> returns 9


SQRT function returns the square root value of the input integer.

e.g. Select SQRT(81) -> returns 9


SQUARE function returns the square value as expected from its name :p

e.g. Select SQUARE(3) -> returns 9

7. Rand()

Rand is a mathematical function which returns a random value but if you will use it in the following way: Select rand(2), then it will always return the same value.

How to generate a random value between 1 to 100?

Use floor function with rand(), this way you will be able to generate a different value each time:

Select Floor(rand()*200)

This function will return some random value between 1 and 200.

Or simply use rand()*some_integer_value

8. Round()

The round function is very useful and it rounds the supplied input value to the specified integer.

Syntax: Select Round(number_to_roundoff, int_value_to_specify_round_limit, specify 1 if value needs to be truncated)

e.g. Select round(23.456, 2, 0) – > Rounds the value up to two decimal places: 23.460

Select round(23.456, 2,1) -> Truncate the value up to two decimal places. The output will be 23.450

The round() function also takes negative value to specify the round off/trunc direction to apply. A negative value indicates the truncation/round to apply to the left.

e.g. Select round(230.456, -2) -> rounds the two integer values to the left of decimal value. Thus this function returns 200.00 as an output

Want More on Round function?

Select round(250.456, -2) -> is rounded to 300.00

Select round(250.456, -2, 1) -> value is truncated to the 2 places left to the decimal value and the output will be 200.00

Select round(256.456, -1) -> returns 260.00

Select round(256.456, -1, 1) – > returns 250.00

Hope this clarifies all the confusion about mathematical functions. Want to learn about stored procedures in SQL? Check out my post What are stored procedures and benefits of using Stored procedures.

Till that time c yaa friends 🙂 Comment on this post if you like it because this will keep me going to share good stuff with you. happy learning 🙂

Want to Join JLL? Check all the necessary details about JLL Interview Rounds to grab a job in JLL

Hola friends! I guess you have already read my previous post of JLL Interview rounds for data analyst profile. Check the further JLL Interview round in this blog. So, most of the time there will be one or two technical tests based on your skill set. You’ll be asked to note down the time required to complete the test.

JLL Interview Rounds

There are total three four to five interview rounds. By Interview rounds, here I mean personal interview test and not the technical pen paper tests. The first interview round is with the HR that may be a telephonic one or in person. If you will succeed, there will be some technical tests.

  1. The Third JLL Interview Round

The third JLL interview round will be most likely with a senior member of the company of head of that department. Since, most of the time the head of the department of JLL are outside doing some business stuff; you’ll be on a telephonic round with them.

2. JLL Interview Questions

The interviewer at each point you will meet are very supportive and give you the details about their company and their work culture. The Senior member of the company/interviewer will ask questions based on your skills and you daily job routine. Try to answer your questions in detail because they want to know each and everything like what kind of responsibilities you are currently holding for the company. Questions will be based on following things:

  1. Your daily job duties
  2. What values you have added for the company
  3. Why do you want to leave your current company
  4. What are the current tools that you use in your company
  5. Any improvement plans if you have suggested to your company
  6. Why JLL

At the end, she will ask if you have any questions for him/her. Always, prepare some questions about the job post you are going for or prepare some questions that can show you have real interest in their company and what to work for them.

JLL Interview Round question

The Fourth JLL Interview Round

Once you are done with the third JLL interview round in a good way, you will asked to attend the fourth JLL Interview round with a management/technical head of the company. So, brush up all the technical skills that you have mentioned in your resume. Do not forget to prepare some questions for them. The technical head can ask some tricky questions, give the reply in a confident manner and focus on providing solution to a particular problem rather than focusing on syntax of your programming code.

The Last JLL Interview Round – Discuss Salary 🙂

The last JLL interview round will be more focused on behavioral questions. Discuss salary wisely and grab the job my friend.

Advice: Always prepare some good interview questions for your interviewer.

JLL Interview round

Why Choose JLL? Find out the JLL Python Interview Questions and grab the job

JLL is a real estate company and soon it will be dealing with new data science tools. So, one of my friend attended the interview of JLL for Python Data scientist. I am discussing here all the JLL Python Interview questions here. But first of all, lets know why JLL.

Why Choose JLL?

JLL(Jones Lang LaSalle) is an American professional services and investment management company specializing in real estate. It values the diversity of its employees and provide them good opportunity growth. Soon, it is targeting to become one customer data science company. So, why not join JLL 🙂

JLL Python Interview Questions


JLL Python Interview Questions and Interview Process

So, there are total four to five rounds if you are going for JLL Python interview. The very first round will be a telephonic one wherein you will be asked about your current company and job role. The interviewer was very supportive in my friends’ case.

The interviewer will explain about the job role and what a JLL python data scientist does in their company. The interviewer will ask simple managerial type questions and you’ll have to provide him/her your scale in a particular skills.

Give Correct ratings for your skills, Interviewer will make a note of it for future rounds.

Further questions will be like what is your notice period and and further date will be intimated to you if the interview finds you a right candidate.

JLL Python Interview Questions and Answers

There will a technical test based on SQL and Python. You”ll find the test is simple if you know your skills :p. The interviewer will also ask you to write on the test how much time did you take to complete the test. It took my friend around 15 mins to complete the SQL test and 25 min to complete the JLL Python Interview questions.

JLL Python Technical Test Question and Answers

The python test questions were based on basic understanding of Python language. The questions include following things:

  1. Python Lists and Subsetting Lists
  2. Lembda function in Python
  3. Self in Python
  4. Truncating in Python
  5. Sum of lists
  6. Sum of arrays
  7. Concatenations
  8. Data type operations
  9. Local variable vs dynamic variance concept

Python test is an MCQ level test with questions are around 25-30 wherein either you have to calculate the output of the code or write the answer on your own. So, strengthen your skills.

JLL SQL Test Questions and Answers

The JLL SQL test was very easy for my friend. According to him, the questions were based on the following things:

  1. Select queries
  2. SQL Joins
  3. How to create views
  4. Selecting a particular output using where clause
  5. Inner queries
  6. Inserting values into table
  7. Trimming values
  8. Round function of SQL

Find out my next post on further JLL Interview rounds, if you want to grab a job in JLL.

IBPS SO 2017 exam result out on Feb 7

Hi friends, all the 2017 IBPS aspirants who were eagrly waiting for the results can check the their result. IBPS has announced the result on Feb 7, 2017 (after one week of the exam) and sent an email to all the candidates who took the exam. The computer based specialist officer exam took less than one week to analyze the results.

All the IBPS candidates can check the result here:

Either click on the flying notification to check the IBPS SO 2017 result or candidates can also click on the Specialist Officer menu topic given separately on the left side of the page.

All the candidates that passed the exam have been called for an interview that will be conducted soon. Also, the non-shortlisted candidates will get a sorry and thank you note. IBPS SO 2017 aspirants can check their marks/scores after one week on the website.

The candidates who has been shortlisted for the interview round, a big congratulations to them.  Those who didn’t pass the exam, don’t worry and prepare again with good study material and strong will power. Afterall its just an exam and success comes after hard work… 🙂

Boys and girls who haven’t checked their result till now, hurry up and check the IBPS SO 2017 result at

Best of luck for the shortlisted candidates!!