Struggles of a Teenager : How to deal with Teenage life

Amigo Friends… 🙂 Today I am writing something that I, you or all the other teenagers in the world have felt. Teenage is a phase that starts with all the fuzz and confusion.  Sometimes, you may feel the happiest girl of the world, or the saddest on the other. So, how to deal with teenage problems. I’ll tell you all this in this article… Naah.. a single article is too short to write it.. believe me :p

  1. Stay Calm and practice meditation

I know this is tough.. you must be feeling agitated and feel that you are old enough to understand what is right or wrong for you. And you’ll be constantly reminded of this thought by your parents that you are not. LOLSo, why not let this just go because this conversation is going to be never ending and you’ll loose temper. Better start practicing how to be calm. And, I would suggest just meditate 5 minute daily boys and girls and it will be all fine. Meditation does power to your self-esteem, makes you calm and self contented.

2. Explore Yourself : May be a new Hobby

Explore yourself, your liking, your interest area and you will be surprised at the findings. We human beings in this modern era are so mixed up with our mobile phones and social media platform that we fail to realize our own hidden talent. Exploring a new hobby/passion will boost your confidence and you may never know what future is keeping you for you with that new explored passion :p

3. Communicate with your parents

Teenage is a very confusing phase my friends.  There are lot of changes you are going through physically, mentally as well as behaviorally. Your thought process will change. The only key to avoid any confusion regarding your problems – physical changes or a new boyfriend/girlfriend aham..aham… is talk with your parents. Just talk talk and talk before jumping onto any conclusions.

We make some false assumptions or depend on the false claim of different cosmetic products and start using it without even knowing the consequences. So, before trusting other products trust somebody who loves you, care for you and always there for you

4.Start your teenage Journal

This is a super useful technique that makes your calm, lets you see your vision, realize your mistake or may even calm your anger. Start a teenage journal of yours, your feelings of every kind whatever you felt that day or the moment rather than acting wrong, just write it down. After few days, when you’ll read it again you may notice that this was not such a difficult task.

5. Be Mindful of your thoughts, feelings and actions

Exercise, meditate, be mindful of your thought process and actions. Check what you want to be in future. Because teenage is the phase when you take the most crucial decisions of your life. Plan accordingly, prepare well and then only you’ll succeed.

6. Make some good friends

Good friends are a gift provided by God to you. You’ll get plenty of people who will come and go. You’ll help them or they may at certain point of time and then hurt you and will disappear for forever. But there are some people who will appreciate your good things, they will stand by you in your bad times. They will stop you from doing any wrong thing. Your task is to find these good set of people who will inspire and encourage you for your goodwill. Hehe I know it’s tough but such is life bro… 😀

7. Take it easy, it’s all natural at the end

At the end, If you are still worried about the changes going in you, or saying I am not beautiful/Handsome… I’ll just say wait and this will all pass soon. Everyone is different and beautiful in its own way. You just need to invoke that good side of yours. Just sit, relax and say to yourself… I am not gonna afraid of you changes. You are temporary and will soon pass.

Lastly Exercise, Spread Love and Live Live Happily 🙂

Humanity Awaken: When she came for help, my trust in Humanity became alive

Hola friends, today I wanted to share the goodness with you all how a stranger girl helped me in need and that invoked my sleeping humanity. I experienced two sides of life on the same day. Saturday was a busy day and I went for an interview in Gurgaon (now known as Gurugram), Haryana. Although, most of the places in Gurgaon are hardly one to two kilometers apart, still one has to bear the expensive auto or taxi fare on their pocket. For a fresher jobseeker, this becomes quite heavy on their pocket where they are bearing the cost of living in a strange city. I also found that moving from one place to another in Gurgaon is costlier than reaching Gurgaon from Delhi ;p

So, I am sharing my first incident of the day. I was on my way to interview venue in an auto when an older couple asked for a ride in the auto (btw I was in a shared auto). The couple wanted to go to a point to which the auto driver refused. Then, they asked for him to drop to the nearby auto spot for their destination. The couple seemed to be very tired of walking. The auto spot was hardly at 5 minutes distance but the auto driver refused to help this older couple and I felt bad for them. Although, there was just I in his big auto but he chose to drive it as an empty cart rather than helping someone. He can easily drop the couple and show his kind nature with a small task of humanity. That insensitive feeling of the auto driver left me in an upset mood with his decision.

Well, when I was done with my interview process. I was looking for the bus stop and when I google it, it showed that the bus stop is around 1.2KM far from my current place. I am someone who likes to walk a lot but that day I was very tired so I started looking for an auto.

In my research to find a good auto for myself which is not too heavy on my pocket, I found none. Most of the autos were asking for a fare of around 80-120rs for a ride of 1.2KM and that wasn’t shocking for me. Then, a girl on a scooty was observing me. She came and asked the auto how much you are charging for this ride. She was stunned and said it won’t take even 30rs to you and offered me a ride on her scooty.


I was quite surprised with such a gesture from a stranger lady. I accepted her offer and sat on his scooty. She asked me where I am going. Then her eagle eyes saw a bus that I should have caught if I was on time. She drove very fast to catch the bus for me and for me this was like a filmy scene, but no this was all for real. In few minutes I was standing in front of the bus and able to catch the bus just because of that stranger lady. I couldn’t thank her in a good way but we passed smile when the bus was leaving and my whole journey was very delightful with this other side of human nature. So, when she came for help, my trust for humanity became alive.

Yes my friends, good people still exist in this world 🙂

Share your own stories if you have helped someone or somebody has helped you in similar way.



Software Development Vs Software Testing as a Career Option

After spending lot of time for collecting some good content and adding my four years of experience of Software Industry, I have started this blog post. I wonder there must be many college students who are always looking for the difference between software development and software testing to choose as a career option.  Are you also confused for a career option : Software Development vs Software testing? Here we will be checking the tasks you need to follow to choose a career option out of these two.

People should follow this post if they need to switch there job or start their career. So let’s start for career option between Software Development vs Software Testing.

So, here I am giving some points that should be considered while choosing your career option:

Your interest Option

This is the primary task that you need to do. Do self assessment and check what drives you. Software development requires good technical skills. While Testing requires the art of catching bugs and thinking of all the possible outcomes to call out for code flaws of developers :p

So, first thing is Evaluate you interest.

Job Scope as Software Developer:

The hierarchy in software development profile is like : Junior Software Developer -> Senior Software Developer -> Project Manager -> Senior Project Manager

The job profile goes from core technical role to Semi-technical profile. You need to learn project management skills in future. Or you can start your own start-up and cash your skills.

Job Scope as a Software Testing Engineer:

The hierarchy in software testing profile in is like: Junior Testing engineer -> Manual Tester -> Automation Testing Engineer -> Project Manager

Your role can differ if you start your career straight away in automation testing engineer. The job scope changes according to your automation code skills.

Your Skill Set

Make a note of your skill set and the future scope with the options available with your current skills set. For example, if you are good at python, then what kind of profile interests you: A python web developer, python software developer, python web scrappers, python data analyst or python testing engineers (basically the one who writes scripts in python).

What are you good at

Out of your skill set, now do a scoring of your skills. What you are good at. There must be at least one such good skill wherein you can rate yourself 7 or 8 out 10. Then again check, you want coding or analysis stuff in your future. Though in future, you may also need to do coding in testing profile 😀

Your Capability

At the end check, what you can actually do. It is the most important phase, no matter what you want to do, but if you haven’t evaluated yourself or your skills. There can’t be any chances of growth then. So, check capability whether you are good at coding or not. If not go for software testing else go for software development profile.

Three Major Steps:

Listen yourself

Do Self Assessment

Learn and Grow

Look for opportunities

Be happy with what you have but don’t let the hunger for improvement die in you

Smile and live happily 🙂